Month: October 2005

Things about the South that always surprise me

I don’t know why. They just always make me do a double-take. Bojangles "famous chicken n’ biscuits"… but that could just be the name Meat. Everywhere. It is, indeed, what you eat (excuse me while I get another sausage biscuit) How demure so many of the women are How hot so many of the women … Read More

Tesshu: There is much more to learn

Tesshu was a 19th-century swordsman often regarded as "the last Samurai". A book I’ve been reading has me interested in learning about his life and works, especially after reading the poem below. It speaks to a universal truth; to help apply it to your own life, replace "the sword" with whatever matters to you — … Read More

Roanoke Weiner Stand – downtown Roanoke, VA

What? Best damn hotdogs in Roanoke… no, in Virginia… no, on the East Coast… oh, sod it — quite possibly in the entire world. They’re the only hotdogs I’ll eat, anyway.When? Lunchtime. Then everyone’s in full swing, staff and customers both.Where? Campbell Avenue, just up from Center in the Square in downtown Roanoke, VA.How? The … Read More

October poetry events at Luna, downtown Eugene

From Jorah, Mistress of Luna Poetry Events: Wed. OCT.12th-A Celebration of The BeatsFrom 7:30 to 10:00pm we will celebrate "Beat" Poetry in an open mic format. Come share the work of your favorite beat poet(s)! Sign Up begins at 7:00. If you would like to reserve a 5-10 min slot just e-mail Jorah, telling her … Read More

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