First day after the novel

It’s a little shy of 24 hours since I finished my Nanowrimo novel. It’s still a litle shocking. There are suddenly all these things I have time to do again. Like clean the dishes. Or watch a movie. Or get rid of the various piles of stuff that have mysteriously accumulated in my apartment these … Read more

Day 29: 2,144, Nanowrimo 2005… is finished.

Today’s word count: 2,144
Total words so far: 50,954
Total words remaining: None!

Days elapsed: 29
Days remaining: 1

It is finished. Praise be. Thanks to all who commented and encouraged and read and stuck around. I can hardly believe it’s done… for now, anway.

Today’s excerpt:

Declan had never asked about the one large bag inside her backpack. She had never opened it, at least, not in his presence. The only time he had ever seen her close to violence, a man had tried to take it. She had chased him down in 10 steps, and on the ground, moaning and clutching various tender bits of his anatomy, in 11.

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Nanowrimo catchup: Nov. 24-28

Now that I’ve decided how to deal with the ongoing word count weirdness, and since I was away from the Internet for a few days (without withdrawal symptoms, even), here is the novel madness from Thanksgiving weekend: Day 24: 1,733, Nanowrimo 2005Day 25: 2,258, Nanowrimo 2005Day 26: 2,029, Nanowrimo 2005Day 27: 1,716, Nanowrimo 2005Day 28: … Read more

Nanowrimo catchup: More word count weirdness, or, my computer can’t count

Q: When is a word count not a word count?
A: When it’s the same damn files, but adding up to two different totals.

Part of the reason I haven’t posted output for the last few days, is that Jodie and I were on the coast, without Internet access. Another reason is that my word count was all weird again — and this time it may not actually be the fault of my addition-addled writer’s brain.

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Day 28: 2,133, Nanowrimo 2005

Today’s word count: 2,133 Total words so far: 48,810 Total words remaining: 1,190! Days elapsed: 28 Days remaining: 2 Holy magoly. I’m going to finish tomorrow. I can hardly believe it. Today’s excerpt: Author’s Note: So, there’s this one bit with Tsering and everyone… oh, bugger. Wait, then there’s this neat part with Rucksack and … Read more

Weekend Nanowrimo

Jodie and I kept up with our novel madness during a wee weekend away we just got back from. I’m knackered, so will update everything tomorrow, and will date it back to the corresponding day. Thanks for all the well-wishing and votes of confidence. Though the part I’m dreading, is figuring out why the word … Read more

Day 27: 1,716, Nanowrimo 2005

Today’s word count: 1,716 Total words so far: 46,677 Total words remaining: 3,323 Days elapsed: 27 Days remaining: 3 Today’s excerpt: Author’s Note: Yep, you guessed it. Words, words, everywhere, and not a letter I can let you read. Authors are such wankers, aren’t we? Maybe tomorrow… but the way the action is going right … Read more

New blogroll: Money, Frugality & Using It Well

As my mom has always loved pointing out, "You always were tight with your money." Well, yeah. And that fiscal tightness has kept right up with my young adulthood and nascent yuppiness. I’ve now started reading a few different financial sites, and if you’re looking for some insight, pointers, or new ideas on how to … Read more

Day 26: 2,029, Nanowrimo 2005

Today’s word count: 2,029 Total words so far: 44,961 Total words remaining: 5,039 Days elapsed: 26 Days remaining: 4 Today’s excerpt: Author’s Note: Erm, sorry, but not today. Lots of pivotal motion in today’s writing… and a slight twist that I couldn’t forgive myself if I gave it away. Just now, anyway. Gads, this is … Read more

Nearly through my first Moleskine

Moleskineplain192_1Nearly through my first Moleskine (FYI, I use a 192-page "PLAIN NOTEBOOK"), and it’s hard to believe how happy I am with something as simple as a notebook. My first entry in the current notebook is dated Sept. 8, and I probably have enough pages to last me to the three-month mark on Dec. 8.

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