Day 28: 2,133, Nanowrimo 2005

Today’s word count: 2,133
Total words so far: 48,810
Total words remaining: 1,190!

Days elapsed: 28
Days remaining: 2

Holy magoly. I’m going to finish tomorrow. I can hardly believe it.

Today’s excerpt:

Author’s Note: So, there’s this one bit with Tsering and everyone… oh, bugger. Wait, then there’s this neat part with Rucksack and the head monk of a monastery… dammit, it just can’t be mentioned here. Oh wait, I’ve got it — they all finally arrive… Oh, dammit. It’s killing me not to give you an excerpt. It really is. Tomorrow I’m going to try to find something to put in — it may well be my last day of this novel, after all. Thanks for sticking around through it all with me. Even if I’ve stopped giving excerpts.

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