First day after the novel

It’s a little shy of 24 hours since I finished my Nanowrimo novel. It’s still a litle shocking. There are suddenly all these things I have time to do again. Like clean the dishes. Or watch a movie. Or get rid of the various piles of stuff that have mysteriously accumulated in my apartment these last weeks.

Today was relief and a bit of confusion. Once you’ve written a novel in a month, what do you do with yourself?

My answer… eat out for lunch. Read a book. Cherish a fresh bowl of bean-and-veg soup. Go to one of your girlfriend’s classical concerts.

But overall… relax. And blog a quick one, then rest your fingers until morning.

Writing a novel like that, getting the creative mind going like that, was like a breath of fresh air. So too, though, is finishing the buggering thing.

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8 thoughts on “First day after the novel”

  1. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
    It’s, well, dirty by my standards. There are some clothes on the bedroom floor, the stove could use a wipedown, plus there’s some extraneous stuff in the study to get rid off, as well as bags of Xmas stuff in the living room to go up. So yes, absolutely bloody reeking filthy… if you’re Anthony.
    Sigh… the things I look forward to – I’m so domestic it’s sickening, isn’t it?

  2. a dirty apartment, really? No… I don’t believe it either…
    you and Paulus are two peas in a pod in that regard… I was kickin’ the footy with my nephew last w/e [kinda, long story, but anyway…] I asked Paul to come along, said I needed a ‘replacement’… A replacement knee at least!
    Anyway, I get the reply, ‘sorry, babe, in the middle of mopping and stuff – I’ll be a while’…
    You boys are so cute!

  3. wow. that is messy. go and clean, by all means!
    I’m about to purge my room. I think you’d die if you were here. It’s sick and disgusting (tho not dirty . . . just cluttered). Never try and squeeze your apt into a bedroom.

  4. Well, you know, some of us bachelors actually *don’t* like living in filth ๐Ÿ™‚
    Maybe I should get you a new knee for your birthday – I swear, woman, you’re going to be bionic by the time yer 40.
    And thank you! We’re going out to dinner this weekend to celebrate ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. No, definitely not fun to squeeze an apartment into a bedroom. I’ve had the reverse; I lived in rooms for so long, that’s why it’s taken me forever to get used to being in an apartment.
    Which reminds me, time to finish sussing out some bloody stuff for the walls…

  6. I had a major spring, er, summer, clean on the w/e, actually – the standard housework stuff, but a thorough ‘go’ and FINALLY putting away all my clothes – that seem to sit in my washing basket throughout the week – I pull them out to wear, wash them and they’re back in there again! I really hate it, but I find it really difficult to actually find/make the time to sit there and fold/hang ’em y’know!
    It felt OH SO GOOD to have ’em out of sight!
    My knee’s been really good actually – but I think that’s cos I’m applying the theory – ‘don’t do any exercise and you won’t sustain any injuries!’ Actually, trying to ‘find the time’ to start up yoga again, and a spot of kayaking…


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