Nanowrimo catchup: Nov. 24-28

Now that I’ve decided how to deal with the ongoing word count weirdness, and since I was away from the Internet for a few days (without withdrawal symptoms, even), here is the novel madness from Thanksgiving weekend:

Day 24: 1,733, Nanowrimo 2005

Day 25: 2,258, Nanowrimo 2005

Day 26: 2,029, Nanowrimo 2005

Day 27: 1,716, Nanowrimo 2005

Day 28: 2,133, Nanowrimo 2005

2 thoughts on “Nanowrimo catchup: Nov. 24-28”

  1. Thanks! (In fact, I’m about to go knock out that last bit of verbiage).
    The plot is… somewhat there. There is a lot more back story and emotion to work in, plus a few other elements to a subplot. Enough, methinks, for a proper-size novel. We’ll see what happens…


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