Nearly through my first Moleskine

Moleskineplain192_1Nearly through my first Moleskine (FYI, I use a 192-page "PLAIN NOTEBOOK"), and it’s hard to believe how happy I am with something as simple as a notebook. My first entry in the current notebook is dated Sept. 8, and I probably have enough pages to last me to the three-month mark on Dec. 8.

3 months on, it still looks like new
To put it mildly, I could not be happier with this notebook. Jodie just
pointed out to me that it still looks new. She’s right; I haven’t
thought twice about the durability or whether or not I’d need to worry
about the spine wearing out or the pages falling out due to crap glue.
The binding has held just fine, and except for some creasing on the
spine — to be expected from use, nothing more — you’d hardly know that
I’ve been scribbling like mad in my Moleskine.

Since this first experience has gone so well, I’m considering buying a
few more. Maybe I’ll see what pricing is like for a case. Or something
like that.

Yes, the $12 Moleskine beats the cheapie $1 Target papery notepads
For years I’ve used cheapie notebooks — but I don’t want to ever go
back. The binding is never as good, nor is the paper quality.

The Moleskine costs more, quite a bit more, but it lasts longer and
provides more pages for the money (in mine, for example, 192 3.5 x 5.5"
pages, as opposed to a more usual 100 or so page, in a 2 x 3"). The
thread binding keeps it in one piece, and the acid-free paper means it
will still be legible when I’m 80 and nostalgic about the scribblings
of my oddball whipper-snapper days.

I bought my first Moleskine at Eugene’s J. Michael’s Books;
that’ll be my first place to go and see if we can work something out on
some quantity pricing. Anybody want to go in on a case?

Antsaint "highly recommends" Moleskine notebooks
If you are a writer, an artist, a director, a screenplay writer,
whatever, I recommend a Moleskine. They have different models from
diaries to storyboarding — a little of everything. I highly recommend
them, and will say once again, they are worth every penny.

Happy Moleskining, and please drop me a line with your own Moleskine comments, experiences, criticisms and recommendations.

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21 thoughts on “Nearly through my first Moleskine”

  1. I also adore moleskins. I’d consider going in on a case, tho I tend to prefer the quadrilined (but that’s in the big size). I need to start using mine more . . .
    I have found one problem: I tried to carry a pen around in the elastic of my little notebook, and the elastic finally gave out. Other than that, the book is just fine, so I might have to look at glueing the elastic into place or something, since it’s so nice to have.
    Also, I took mine to a job interview once. They asked if I had any questions, and I was able to pull out my pretty little notebook, snap the elastic, and take notes. Definitely a professional look.

  2. Zac – will do!
    Lolo – you’re a loon. But it’s not a bad idea – you never know when us scribbling scholars may have to MacGyver up some first aid 🙂
    Leah – Nice idea with the job interview. With the pen thing, it makes sense the elastic would wear, it’s probably just too tight a fit. What if you rigged up something on the spine itself, say took some duct tape or something and rigged up a pen holder that way? You might want to look around the Moleskinerie site as well – I vaguely remember something on there where someone figured out some way to attach a pen.

  3. A friend and I split a pack of Volants (miniature softcover version, $6 for 3) and then a pack of Cahiers (miniature cardboard-cover version, also $6 for 3). My last Cahier is almost full, and I consider the concept proved. My next one will be the real deal (pocket lined). Can’t wait.

  4. but, but . . . duct tape? on my pretty moleskine?
    perhaps now that I wear jeans (I know — huge shocker. it’s my frugal side speaking. I’m trying to lose weight, and I’d rather be cheap than vain, since my cargos wore out) I can shove a moleskine in my back pocket. I’ve got to dig out that notebook to fix . . . maybe duct tape will be the key.

  5. Nothing wrong with jeans!
    Wouldn’t really recommend the Moleskine for the back pocket – it gets a bit uncomfy, plus it eventually starts bending out the spine.
    I’ve actually pondered making/getting someone to make me a sort of holster for it, to go on my belt… because I really really am that much of a dork. Keeping it in a bag or jacket pocket is a better way to keep it, and help it last.
    As for the pen, I just keep it in my hip pocket.

  6. Nice one JV! I thought about the smaller ones, but knew I’d burn through them in no time. Plus there’s just something about the proper-sized one – and that wee pouch has been most useful. Enjoy the upgrade 🙂

  7. I don’t really like jeans, tho this one pair I have is really comfy.
    Back pocket doesn’t seem so bad. Right now, I keep my calendar back there (on two sheets of notebook paper . . . ), and I’m contemplating making a little hipster PDA for the back pocket. Perhaps I’ll do the hipster PDA and keep the moleskine in my backpack.

  8. Leah: I personally love the Hipster, but you might also consider PocketMod ( It’s a customizable planner that prints out on one sheet of paper, and folds up real slick-like. Might be the perfect replacement for your calendar-on-notebook-paper.

  9. duuuuuude. Jv, I owe you about three trillion dollars. I’m totally doing this. EVEN COOLER than the hipster PDA. I think I’ll print out a coupla sheets, put in two index cards for strength, pop on a binder clip, and call it my pocketmod hipster PDA, ecostyle (nothing that can’t be recycled, after all). Thank you so much!

  10. Anyone come across a suitable holster/shoulder bag for a sketchbook moleskin? If so.. please let me know..

  11. I’ve been pondering that myself – getting a wee hip holster that will hold a moleskine and pen. Jodie just made a good point: would a PDA belt holster fit a moleskine? I think she’s on to something – a PDA and a moleskine are about the same size. I’m gonna have to check that out…


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