New blogroll: Money, Frugality & Using It Well

As my mom has always loved pointing out, "You always were tight with your money."

Well, yeah.

And that fiscal tightness has kept right up with my young adulthood and nascent yuppiness. I’ve now started reading a few different financial sites, and if you’re looking for some insight, pointers, or new ideas on how to deal with money, debt, investing, all that sort of stuff, I’ll be adding links to my new "Money, Frugality & Using It Well" blogroll as money sites prove themselves worthy in my eyes.

Happy moolah.

2 thoughts on “New blogroll: Money, Frugality & Using It Well”

  1. I like that you are doing this. It will be interesting to see what you dig up.
    I know I asked before, but will you email me the name/author/ISBN of that Living on a Shestring book? I like that one.

  2. You bet. There was another book or two I’d mentioned as well – I’ll kick those all to you.
    BTW, I’d recommend giving good thorough lookover to BankRate – great site, and very plain English. They also do some great newsletters.


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