Month: November 2005

Day 25: 2,258, Nanowrimo 2005

Today’s word count: 2,258 Total words so far: 42,932 Total words remaining: 7,068 Days elapsed: 25 Days remaining: 5 Author’s note: Way, way too much happens in today’s scribbling that would give away a lot of the plot. Maybe someday I’ll actually get the finished thing published, and then you’ll see what I’ve been holding … Read More Mediterranean Rustica – Eugene dining

Jodie and I recently ate at Iraila for the first time. It’s near my place, it’s highly regarded around town, plus, and more importantly, it was highly recommended by my dear friends Sam and Taylor. Go there for dinner — the cuisine is "Mediterranean", and that’s not a fancy way to say "we sell spaghetti". … Read More

Day 24: 1,733, Nanowrimo 2005

Today’s word count: 1,733
Total words so far: 40,674
Total words remaining: 9,326

Days elapsed: 24
Days remaining: 6

Less than a week, and less than 10,000 words to go — practically in the home stretch!

Today’s excerpt:

The tractor bounced. And bounced. And bounced a hell of a lot more. Folded blanket or not, Declan could already feel his arse getting numb. And perhaps broken. Was it possible to dislocate your tailbone?


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Day 23: 1,730, Nanowrimo 2005

Today’s word count: 1,730 Total words so far: 38,941 Total words remaining: 11,059 Days elapsed: 23 Days remaining: 7 Today’s excerpt: Author’s Note: Yesterday’s scribbling contains some pretty major story and plot elements, and I just don’t want to give them away yet. Might be like that for a couple of days. We’ll see how … Read More

I can’t count – new Nanowrimo total

Write a novel in a month? Sure. Add up the damn word counts correctly? Now, that’s just a tad too difficult.

My jaw hit the desk earlier, when I tallied up the target numbers for this point in Nanowrimo:
1667 words per day, times 23 days, equals:  38,341

Yet yesterday I posted my total so far as being 35,604.

That’s a deficit of 2,737 words, which just didn’t make sense. So I went back and pulled out every count for every day I’ve Nano’ed… then I went back and double-checked all the numbers… then added them up three times. I can — somewhat confidently — say that my actual word count so far (not including Nov. 23) is 37,211.

I hope, anyway. The daily counts are listed below, if anyone might be so kind as to check my math.

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Day 22: 1,831, Nanowrimo 2005

Today’s word count: 1,831
Total words so far: 35,604 37,211 (my bad; see I Can’t Count)
Total words remaining: 14,396 12,789
Over the 35,000-word hump, and less than 15,000 to go!

Days elapsed: 22
Days remaining: 8

Today’s excerpt:

“I know why you are here,” said the head monk, in perfect English, unexpectedly, as they all sat down.

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Vacation & sleeping in

I’m on vacation all Thanksgiving week. Yesterday I slept in until 10:30… well, because I could. Today, though, I woke at 7:30 and got up around 8; by no means impressive, in terms of early-rising, but then, I do enough early-rising during the work week. Sleeping in half the morning on a vacation Monday is … Read More

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