Month: December 2005

De-branding jeans

Last year I found my favorite sweater, in the Junior League secondhand store in South Eugene. It was striped lime-ish green and blue, with a wee gray stripe too. I jokingly call it my "blog sweater", because, due to pure coincedence, the colors just about match the site’s. The only trouble with this sweater? It … Read More

Beer Lao in the UK update: online ordering soon

Beer Lao fans: Heads up, especially those in the UK. Just before Christmas, we got a note from James Martin, who is with Beer Lao’s UK distributor. His note is below, and is also in the chain of comments on the Beer Lao post: Hello everybody,All this enthusiasm for Beer Lao is brilliant, we are … Read More

oneword down (for the count?)

Over a beer at Jameson’s with Samuel and Taylor last night, they mentioned that oneword still wasn’t showing any word other than "pane". I went to check it this morning, and the site was down. To the masterminds of Oneword: We wish we knew what was going on. We wish you would let us know … Read More

12 ways to fight soaring heating bills

Here’s a good post-Christmas gift: free and simple ways to cut heating costs this year. And, not all of them require a trip to the hardware store; even apartment dwellers like me can put some of these into practice: Link: 12 ways to fight soaring heating bills – Improve & Repair – MSN Real Estate.

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