De-branding jeans

Last year I found my favorite sweater, in the Junior League secondhand store in South Eugene. It was striped lime-ish green and blue, with a wee gray stripe too. I jokingly call it my "blog sweater", because, due to pure coincedence, the colors just about match the site’s. The only trouble with this sweater? It … Read more

Beer Lao in the UK update: online ordering soon

Beer Lao fans: Heads up, especially those in the UK. Just before Christmas, we got a note from James Martin, who is with Beer Lao’s UK distributor. His note is below, and is also in the chain of comments on the Beer Lao post: Hello everybody,All this enthusiasm for Beer Lao is brilliant, we are … Read more

oneword down (for the count?)

Over a beer at Jameson’s with Samuel and Taylor last night, they mentioned that oneword still wasn’t showing any word other than "pane". I went to check it this morning, and the site was down. To the masterminds of Oneword: We wish we knew what was going on. We wish you would let us know … Read more

Back from Colorado

Which, I realize now, I’d forgotten to say that I was going. Silly blogger. Returned from Colorado Springs last night, where I’d been out with Jodie and her family for the holidays. Also took a "computer holiday," so for once I wasn’t spending most of my day behind a screen. Will be catching up on … Read more

12 ways to fight soaring heating bills

Here’s a good post-Christmas gift: free and simple ways to cut heating costs this year. And, not all of them require a trip to the hardware store; even apartment dwellers like me can put some of these into practice: Link: 12 ways to fight soaring heating bills – Improve & Repair – MSN Real Estate.

On my birthday

Today is my birthday. It’s been an amazing year, and I’ve learned so much, and met and gotten to better know so many people. For next year, I have much thinking to do (including about this site — evolution time?). For the time being, I will just enjoy the day. But soon, I’ll be sitting … Read more