12 ways to fight soaring heating bills

2 thoughts on “12 ways to fight soaring heating bills”

  1. Happy belated b-day greetings!! So what’s been your fav double gift of all time? Your least fav/cheesiest combo gift? Of course I’m referring to those who gave you a single combined Christx and b-day gift.

  2. Thanks Herb!
    Fave double gift? You know, I’ve never actually gotten one. My fam and friends have always been really really good about not doing the birthday/christmas shaft – they’ve always been distinct, with their own prezzies.
    But let’s see…
    There are some strong contenders – like when I was a teenager, and got my first computer (Christmas)… though the “hairy coo”/Highland cow that Jodie knit me for this Christmas is on the charts with a bullet.
    The birthdays stick out the most. Probably the best birthday gift I ever got was the first time I was in Scotland. I was supposed to be spending the holidays with a friend of mine there, but literally at the last minute the plans fell through.
    The next day, my birthday, I found another friend and told him what had happened. Ten minutes later, he said he was going to Glasgow with him that night, and staying with his parents. That night, after dinner his parents suddenly came into the room with a wee cake and a bottle of champagne, saying, “We heard it’s somebody’s 21st birthday!”
    That’s the best present I ever got.


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