Beer Lao in the UK update: online ordering soon

Beer Lao fans:
Heads up, especially those in the UK. Just before Christmas, we got a note from James Martin, who is with Beer Lao’s UK distributor. His note is below, and is also in the chain of comments on the Beer Lao post:

Hello everybody,
All this enthusiasm for Beer Lao is brilliant, we are indeed the UK distributors of Asia’s greatest beer.
Thank you to everybody who has been in touch with us. A big thank you to Gemma for recommending this site and to Mr. St Clair for such a good discussion topic !!
We will soon have our online ordering up and running, in the meantime if you would like Beer Lao in the UK please be in touch with us at
Cheers to all of you from the Beer Lao UK team.

Thank you James! You just made a lot of Beer Lao afficionados very happy. Please drop a line whenever the online ordering system is up too — I think you’ll have plenty of folks ready to help you break it in!

2 thoughts on “Beer Lao in the UK update: online ordering soon”

  1. Did you ever get to try Angkor beer while you were travelling? So far it has proven to be the best of all the beers we’ve sampled. Sadly, the pubs we stopped into in Sihanoukville didn’t carry beer lao, so we have yet to taste this tipple.

  2. Ah, Angkor – yes, I got many a can of that. You’re right, it is good stuff – but I still think the Beer Lao edges it out. There’s an extra smoothness to the B.L., that I don’t think I found in any other Asian lager.
    Still though, I ask, I implore, I beg you to down a few for me. And please tell me you’re going to Angkor. I can’t wait to swap stories with you two!


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