Month: December 2005

AppleJack for Mac OS X Troubleshooting

For the average Mac user (bit of word processing, some email, some surfing, maybe some checkbook balancing), you probably won’t need troubleshooting tools. That’s one of the advantages of Macs over PCs; you simply don’t need all the monitoring addons that Windows often needs. If you are a more heavy-duty Mac user though, a good … Read More

Photo album: My first Christmas-upped apartment

Jodie and I decorated my apartment for the holidays. It’s pretty neat for me, because other than helping my parents decorate back in the day, I’ve never had decorations in my own place before. I’ve loved reading by the tree, or turning on the lights. There is something about it that makes the holidays feel … Read More

Jameson’s Bar

A conversation-friendly bar
Went for a drink last night at the new Jameson’s Bar, on the corner of Broadway and Olive in the old Cafe Paradiso space. The walls were red, there were only two bottles of Monarch nearly-liquor behind the bar, good selection of single-malt up top, the lights were low, and the music, to sum up my friends, was audible, pleasant, and identifiable, but you would still have intact vocal cords at the end of the night.

The St Bridget’s cross and shelaleigh above the bar were excellent touches.

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The Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits of Carla the Baking Goddess

Convert from the can
Some time back, I had posted a sausage biscuit recipe that I love to do up. Being lazy and psychologically blocked towards baking, I had always just used biscuits out of a tin. My dear friend Carla, however, kicked some science to me in the form of an amazing biscuit recipe, reproduced below.

Jodie and I made the biscuits for breakfast this morning. The recipe is easy and easy to follow — and trust us, after this you will not go back to the can. Thank you, Carla!

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Ten Things Every New Mac User Should Know

Switching from Windows? New to the Mac game?  These tips will help get you started,  and teach you a few shortcuts. The list of keyboard commands is my favorite part: – Mac Mini News – 10 Things Every New Mac Owner Should Know Via: Ten Things Every New Mac User Should Know – The … Read More

Typepad down, now back; I’ll be back tomorrow

Typepad had some downtime today. It’s back up now. But Jodie and I just got back from a Christmas shindig, and now we just feel like watching Kill Bill while she knits and I sort out a photo album. ("Something about knitting socks makes me want to watch Kill Bill," Jodie tells me. Who am … Read More

Christmas continues

Packages… sentCards… mailedTree… decoratedParties… oh, bugger — that’s what I need to be getting to. Ah, the holidays. The bustle can make for light blogging, but that’s okay. I’d rather be singing along to the Muppet version of "Silent Night" and drinking seasonal microbrews, whilst grinning and joking with my friends. Time to go.

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