Pizza Research Institute

With both me and Jodie victorious in our novel-written-in-a-month madness, we are getting a bigass pizza from Eugene’s Pizza Research Institute tonight. Here is what the Eugene Weekly’s Chow has to say about them:

Chow! : Eugene Weekly’s Restaurant Guide – Pizza

"PIZZA RESEARCH INSTITUTE 1328 Lawrence St. 343-1307. Northwest artisan pizza. Unique toppings, specialty sauces, herbed dough made daily. Sumptuous vegetarian and vegan food. Mostly organic. Daily soups, green salads, hot spinach salads. Homebrewed root beer and hemp cola, organic microbrews and wine. Take-out. Some OG/LG. 5:30 pm-9:30 pm daily. MC/V. $. * Best Pizza, Second Place"

It’s jokingly referred to around here as "hippie pizza". Die-hard New-York-stylers won’t comprehend it — and may not appreciate it — but there is just something to be said with toppings that can include anything from multiple cheese to grilled broccoli to even pears.

We shall eat pizza, drink wine, watch a movie and do absolutely nothing that involves writing a novel.

11 comments on “Pizza Research Institute
  1. Leah says:

    here’s what Leah has to say:
    YUM. Best. Pizza. Ever.
    seriously. I tell everyone I know to visit PRI when they go to Eugene. How can you not? I love a pizza composed almost entirely of toppings.

  2. Jodie says:

    It was really good. I hadn’t had it before (being fairly new to Eugene) and I don’t think I’ve ever had so many toppings on a pizza. Certainly not so many unique ones.

  3. Ging says:

    WTF would Nyers know anyway… aren’t their heads too far up their arse to have any sense of well, anything 😉

  4. LOL!
    I love taking people to PRI – they have quite possible the most unique pizza I’ve ever had.
    Otherwise, when it comes to Eugene, I’ll take some Bene’s. Really, really good pepperoni… mmm, pepperoni…

  5. Jodie says:

    I think I like Mezza Luna over Bene’s.

  6. Ooo… good point… Hmmm…. I think Mezza Luna may have a bit of a taste leg-up on Bene – but part of what I love about Bene is that they’re just a few blocks up the street 🙂

  7. Leah says:

    that is important for someone who doesn’t own a car (tho I suppose you’re in a car now more than you used to be).

  8. Ging says:

    Speaking of cars, bikes, transport… what’s the go, Ant-o? Have I missed something or have yer bought the bike and I recall some moons ago you were toying with the idea of, gasp, a “motorcar” –

  9. I decided I’d come back to that in October. Once October got here, it didn’t feel worth it. Not right now anyway; there are some other things I’d rather do with my paycheck than chuck it towards gas, insurance and payments.
    But the Matrix is still top of the list, should/when I change my mind…

  10. Halfmoon says:

    hey. i wanna make a special pilgramige from santa cruz to taste the sacred pizza in august.

  11. Halfmoon – sounds good, mate! ‘Tis important to feed the soul like that, and remember what you’re missing 🙂

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