MacGyver, my childhood hero

Swiss Army Knife & duct tape could even give a kid some confidenceWhen I was a kid, all I had were my brains. A lot of people didn’t like that; a lot of people don’t like intelligence. It’s not usually something that you really see typifying a hero or a role model… but when I … Read more

Five Surefire Content Ideas (When Your Blog is Drawing Blanks)

Whether you are a business blogger or have someone in your organization you is, now and again you’ll be scratching for a decent idea for a post. gives you 5 great things to fall back on, for those days where creativity is, um… Link: Five Surefire Content Ideas (When Your Blog is Drawing Blanks) … Read more

4 bags

Note to self: packrats and offices don’t work. Just finished my new year shreddin… all 4 grocery bags worth. Four. I threw out everything from 2005’s utility bills, to credit cards statements from 1999 — for a closed account. I think I just opened up about 3/4 of the drawers in my home office. And … Read more

The great new year cleanout

You know the saying, "If you haven’t looked at it or used it in a year, throw it out?" It’s great advice. Here’s part of how I’m kicking off my new year: Clothes I don’t wear, to secondhand-stores Books read and no longer water, to friends or used bookstores Old papers, financial records, etc., to … Read more

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