Eugene Symphony Concerts 2006

Jodie and I have been having a great time going to Eugene Symphony concerts at the Hult Center. Below are the 2005-2006 season performances on our list.

We also recently received a brochure for the Eugene Symphony’s 2006-2007 season. Need a reason to drool? The ’06-’07 isn’t on the Symphony’s site yet, but I’ll post the list separately. From Dvorak to Shostakovitch to James Galway to Beethoven’s Ninth, it’s going to be mind-blowing!

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Overleaf Lodge – Yachats, Oregon

The Overleaf, in Yachats (that’s yah-hots) is another swish resort that I’m curious about for a weekend getaway. It’s popular with some of my colleagues, and looks like a very nice place: Link: Overleaf Lodge: Central Oregon Coast Yachats hotel, lodging, and resort – Overleaf Lodge.


Written by Anthony St. Clair for oneword February 27, 2006 06:15 AM He even shuffled when he ordered a latte. Soy. Half-caff. 16 oz. With just the right amount of vanilla sprinkles on top. He shuffled over to his table, sat to wait, and looked at the window. Even his gaze was aimless. The day, … Read more

coolgorilla iPod games

Got an email a while back from the folks at coolgorilla, about their iPod games. I’m not much of a game person myself, but for those of you iPod folks who are, check out their site and see if anything catches your click-wheeling fancy: Link: iPod games, downloads and software by coolgorilla.

Why you should start a side business

Whatever you do during the day, having something on the side can’t hurt. Hmmm, maybe I ought to get around to actually doing up some chapbooks… Achieve-IT!: Diversify Your Investments by Starting a Side Business Via Why you should start a side business – Lifehacker.

42 Below Vodka – made in Sydney… New Zealand?

Ginch sent me the funniest ad I’ve ever seen. It’s about the daily lives of the New Zealanders — oh, and NZ is part of Australia, apparently — as they make 42 Below Vodka. Which they then "give to the white man in exchange for blankets, muskets… and hobbits." Link: 42 BELOW :: The Story … Read more

First buds

About 6:30 this morning, on the bike on the way to the office. I’m in the 20s of Willamette Street, on the sidewalk going past a few trees at the side of the road. And, bless ’em, they’re covered in buds, on this cold, nearly clear morning. Spring is on the way, and it is … Read more


Written by Anthony St. Clair for oneword February 24, 2006 06:14 AMThere was the saying and the doing, all inconsistent, all never matching up. He planned and pondered and imagined – and he did… but not quite what he’d had in mind. The cheese tasted delicious. Shame he had been trying to invent a new … Read more

Sylvia Beach Hotel, Newport, OR

Here’s a place I’d like to spend a weekend at. Maybe the Edgar Allan Poe room? Sylvia Beach Hotel Here’s some other info about the Sylvia Beach Hotel: Sylvia Beach Hotel – Newport – Sylvia Beach Hotel reviews – TripAdvisor Urban Geographer: The Sylvia Beach Hotel"the "bed and breakfast for book lovers" is a four-story … Read more

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