Sylvia Beach Hotel, Newport, OR

Here’s a place I’d like to spend a weekend at. Maybe the Edgar Allan Poe room?

Sylvia Beach Hotel

Here’s some other info about the Sylvia Beach Hotel:

Sylvia Beach Hotel – Newport – Sylvia Beach Hotel reviews – TripAdvisor

Urban Geographer: The Sylvia Beach Hotel
"the "bed and breakfast for book lovers" is a four-story building built in 1910, originally named The Cliff House,"

  • The hotel’s suites, named after authors ranging from Emily Dickinson to F. Scott Fitzgerald to Alice Walker, were designed by 20 of Cable’s friends, who selected their favorite writers and gathered decorations for the rooms as well as reading materials relevant to each author’s life and work
  • Restaurant, Tables Of Content, where diners are served family-style at a large table and play Two Truths and a Lie over dinner
  • Hot wine is served at ten each night in the large attic library and reading room
  • Each room houses a journal, in which guests write about their visit, what brought them to the hotel, or whatever their journey brings to mind

A Room At The Beach
"Named in honor of the proprietor of Shakespeare and Company, a famous Paris bookstore in the 1920s"

Literary Oregon hotel offers a classic sojourn

Weekend away time? Hmmm…

6 thoughts on “Sylvia Beach Hotel, Newport, OR”

  1. Quite possibly one of my favorite places in Oregon. I love the Sylvia Beach. I only stayed there once as a much younger person, and now can’t remember even which room. Sigh. Someday we will have jobs and take a little flight of fancy there.

  2. Yup. We had talked about going there over Thanksgiving weekend, but even a month ahead they were booked solid. I found those notes on it the other night, and am pondering another attempt (psst, don’t tell Jodie 🙂

  3. This place is fabulous! Dinner’s not too shabby either. I’ve been there several times with the fam, always stayed in the dorm rooms. Still, every time I sneak into the Poe and imagine what it would be like to sleep with that curious raven over my head…

  4. The library really gets my attention – I’d love to sit up there for a Saturday, preferably with a cuppa coffee on one hand, a book in the other, Jodie knitting next to me, and a storm blazing away off the coast.
    How’s Europe, Pamjam?


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