Wordstock, April 21-23, 2006

"Portland’s Annual Festival of the Book"My friend Pam just told me about this interesting-looking event: Over 250 authors reading over two days at Oregon Convention Center on 11 stages for only $3.00 each day. Over 100 publishers, booksellers and writing organizations featured at the Oregon Convention Center. Link: Wordstockfestival.com :: Home Page. Hmmm… perhaps another … Read more

Mood swings

One of the oh-so-joys of the homebuying process? I’ve had more mood swings than I did when I was a teenager. One moment… We’re going to buy a house! Woo-hoo! This is so friggin cool! Two seconds later… We’re… what? No, that’s nuts, this is stupid I’m stupid this is a money pit it’s going … Read more

Weekend in Portland

With Jodie on break and us in need of a wee respite from househunting, we took off Saturday morning and spent the weekend in Portland. We Hotwired a $50 room at the Red Lion near the Portland Convention Center, right on a Max line and MLK, so easy access to anywhere in town. Here are … Read more

If this is home, then I want one in it

I’ve gone back and forth over the years about Eugene. Should I move somewhere else? Seattle? Thailand? Am I working where I want to be working, living where I want to be living? I am. A lot of my life, I spent trying to figure out where I wanted to be, where I wanted to … Read more

No matter what, remember that it’s business

My dad has owned a few houses over the years, both his own and ones he maintains as investment/rental properties. He has been the best consultant during all this, supportive and patient and willing to listen and to impart his own experience. Some of the best advice he’s given me: "No matter how much you … Read more

Pink Martini plays Eugene May 6-7, 2006

Like many in the Northwest, Jodie and I are Pink Martini fans. Well, not just the Northwest. Pink Martini is reknown abroad too, especially in Europe — though I’ve even heard their CD playing as far away as a wee cafe in southest Thailand! This amazing band is coming to Eugene May 6 & 7, … Read more