If this is home, then I want one in it

I’ve gone back and forth over the years about Eugene. Should I move somewhere else? Seattle? Thailand? Am I working where I want to be working, living where I want to be living?

I am.

A lot of my life, I spent trying to figure out where I wanted to be, where I wanted to go, the life I wanted to live. I’ve seen a decent bit of the world, and I’ve had some great experiences… but these past couple of years are the first time in my life that I feel, well, stable. A bit rooted. Comfy. It’s quite nice.

I want Eugene to be home for a while yet. It’s quirky, maddening and unfathomable at times… but it’s home. And I want a home in it. For the first time in my wee life… everything feels right, and I want to go with that, and live it, and see what comes.

It gives me more joy than anything, than to know that I can say such things.

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