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  1. LCC used to teach an ocean kayaking class much in the style of the Team Oregon BRT motorcycle class. It was a fantastic weekend trip to LCC’s Siltcoos station. If it is listed inthe schedule of classes, I highly recommend it. They teach you all sorts of rescue tecniques solo and partnered, and you get lots of kayaking time.
    Unfortunatley it may have gone under due to budget cuts…?

  2. decent amount of experience here — feel free to shoot me an email if you have questions. I think sea kayaking is the easiest/safest route to go — I’m actually not a big fan of whitewater at all (it takes actual thought, split second decisions, etc, and I’m not a risk taker). I did all my kayaking through my school, but I could contact them and get some ideas of places where you could go to get some beginner lessons/practice.

  3. Thanks! I’ll look into the LCC class. We’re also curious about local outfits, for summer trips on the weekend and such.
    The flatwater interests me the most too. I haven’t done whitewater, and might give it a whirl sometime, but the 3 times I’ve been out on a kayak, it was all flat or calm sea. To me that was just way more fun.

  4. I’ve only done whitewater and it was a blast! The thrill of being pushed through some fast action rapids, then just coasting between the rapid sections. It’s not really dangerous if the right precautions are taken. I haven’t done any huge rapids either, just Class II or III-. Just talking about it makes me want to get out on the river.


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