Mood swings

One of the oh-so-joys of the homebuying process? I’ve had more mood swings than I did when I was a teenager.

One moment… We’re going to buy a house! Woo-hoo! This is so friggin cool!

Two seconds later… We’re… what? No, that’s nuts, this is stupid I’m stupid this is a money pit it’s going to bankrupt me…

Then… Jodie usually lovingly, metaphorically smacks me around a little, and suddenly my mood is back to normal.

The one thing I will say for this moody madness, is that just as mood swings lessen as the teen matures, so too have these mood swings happened less and less the more I’ve learned, the more we’ve seen, the more we’ve supported each other, and the more we look.

Teens grow up. And sooner or later, we’ll find the right house, and love it, and it will all be right.

7 thoughts on “Mood swings”

  1. Well congrats on looking for a home. Taylor spilled the beans to me not long before you mentioned it on your blog, but I so infrequently had internet that I hardly could keep track of your blog anyway…lolo and I are thinking of trying to make a little OR roadtrip some time late summer and would be delighted if we could visit you, especially if its in your proud new home.

  2. Thank you! We’re back to square one right now; the place we recently put an offer on, we got trumped by a higher one. There are a couple more prospects that just came up. It’s so weird looking for a house – especially in a market like the one here.
    You two are definitely due for a trip.
    Just let us know when you’re hitting town. Darn, does this mean I’ll have to whip up some beer cheese dip? Darn, darn, darn.

  3. Best of luck on the homebuying process. Buying and selling real estate are two of the most stressful things a couple can go through…just remember the end result is worth all the stuff leading up to the final signing of documents.

  4. Thanks MissMeliss. It has been pretty nuts, and sometimes it’s hard to remember the “goal” at the end – that house, with your own stuff in it.
    Sometimes I get caught up in the figures – all the money, all the money per month, it’s a bit frightening. And sometimes I get caught up in all the negatives.
    But it is exciting. And stressful. And exciting. And pretty cool.
    One thing has helped cut down the stress though. I’d been checking out heaps of books on homebuying and real estate, and I’ve finally gotten through them all and taken them back to the library. May have “over-researched” a little. It’s been great learning about the process, but I’m glad I don’t have to be going through reams of stuff on the subject anymore.

  5. I stumbled across this today and wanted to share it on this post. I know there are many different mortgage and other calculators on the web, but this site is still neat:
    I’ve been looking for years now and I’ve found myself laughing at the prices people are asking for homes right now. This really has a speculative feel to me and I think the next few months could be interesting in regards to the housing market around the US. We have already started to see some downward numbers. Will the market move from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market?

  6. Gads, I hope so. Jodie and I had a good conversation about the home thing this evening. So far we’ve been looking at 3 bedrooms; we’re going to try looking more for 2 bedrooms, and see if there’s any improvement pricewise.
    The prices here have been flooring me too. Sometimes I want to bust out laughing; sometimes I want to abandon this entire crazy idea. There was a listing we received today, going for $210K, and after looking through the pictures all I could think was, “And what part of this house makes it worth over $200,000?”
    I’m wondering too what’s going to happen with home prices over the next few months. I’ve often thought of the housing boom as being and feeling similar to the tech boom. There’s so much franticness, so much rush, I’m wondering if things will come down, or at least get a bit more sane.


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