First the house, then the motorcycle

Want to know what’s really funny about this house thing? In addition to my tax returns, my continuing search for a motorcycle has fed into this desire to be a homeowner. Something, I think passed down from my Harley-loving dad, makes me refuse to park a motorcycle outside. Especially a lightweight one. Especially during an … Read more

6 weeks, 3 potential “perfect” homes

One of the ups and downs of looking for a home is wading through so much four-walled crap that you wonder if anything remotely livable will ever actually be put up for sale. Another is finding a gem, a home that isn’t necessarily perfect, but is perfect for you… and not getting it. Pardon me … Read more


Written by Anthony St. Clair for oneword March 23, 2006 06:19 AM Around midnight came the swell and the cheer, Around midnight came the smoke and the beer; Around midnight came the jewels and the crown; Around midnight came the swish of an axe, And a head tumbled and tumbled on down. All oneword entries … Read more

There is no right time or wrong time

Some "experts" and their books obsess over how renting is the worst thing in all existence, probably somewhere short of being hell-tortured by the devil itself. That’s nonsense. Renting can be a perfect solution and situation for many – for me, it was and has been for a while. Some would say that anytime is … Read more


Written by Anthony St. Clair for oneword March 22, 2006 06:12 AMWhere there was wall, there was map. Chiang Mai. Seattle. Australia. Continents. Regions. The world, in every room. Tacks stuck out of every one, different colors for different trips. "You’ve visited all of these?" he asked her. "Not a single one," she replied. All … Read more

A new AntSaint category: Homebuying

All posts in HomebuyingFor about a month and a half, Jodie and I have been looking at houses, checking out Eugene’s real estate market, and learning as much as possible about the homebuying process. Now that I’m finally ready to talk about this in public, here are some of the things this new "Homebuying" category … Read more

Cycling 101 Eugene REI, Mar. 21, 7pm

Thank goodness. I’m a mechanical dunce, but I would like to learn at least a little basic bicycle maintenance. A wee clinic like this should be helpful. Link: REI Events. From the event profile at REI’s Eugene store: "Maintaining your road or mountain bike can be a daunting task when you don’t know where to … Read more


Written by Anthony St. Clair for oneword March 20, 2006 06:06 AMThe iron tang filled his nostrils as he pulled in breath. "Retreat!" he yelled, over the bodies and the clanging. The air fell out of the day. He saw the faces of his few remaining men – stricken, relieved, scared, furious. He called again, … Read more

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