Written by Anthony St. Clair for oneword May 30, 2006 06:13 AMHow could you not get it, it wasn’t hard, it wasn’t complex, it didn’t require a cuppa cocoa and a night’s pondering. It was so easy, so apparent, so right in of him – but it had taken 6 years to figure out, and … Read more

Belkin Wireless Pre-N Router (F5D8230-4)

Here are a few reasons why I’ve gone with Belkin’s Pre-N Wireless Router: Ease of setup (just a few minutes with CD, plus easy-to-follow web interface) Range and signal strength (walls, irrelevant; many reviews I saw noted that could get signal anywhere in their home or yard — even in the neighbor’s yard) Range of … Read more

Home Network Router Advisor

I’m not a fan of Usually the pieces don’t offer much useful information. However, Bradley Mitchell’s simple quiz on selecting the right wireless router for you was pivotal in my figuring out which router to go with. I recommend this for anyone trying to pick a wireless router. Link: Home Network Router Advisor – … Read more

Day off from the house

We’ve moved stuff, scrubbed walls, cleaned floors, and more. So today, we took the day off from the house. A lazy day. Coffee. Eggs and toast. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A quick jaunt through town, to run by the library and look at floor stains (okay, a touch of house stuff, but nothing strenuous). The … Read more

Clearwire in Eugene

Clearwire wireless internet in EugeneA Comcast Digital Cable customer for 2 years, yesterday I traded in my cable modem for Clearwire’s wireless broadband internet. (and just in the interest of disclosure, I’m not getting paid for this post) Link: Wireless Broadband Internet Service Provider: High Speed Wireless ISP. Coburg Rd & WillakenzieIf you’re in Eugene, … Read more

New Sitepoint book: Build Your Own Web Site The Right Way Using HTML & CSS

Sitepoint books have been a lifesaver for my web development. Their latest title is a great beginner’s guide to building a solid, modern, up-to-standard website. They’ll walk you through the basics of HTML and CSS, so no prior knowledge or experience is needed. Whether you’re working with WordPress or straight static HTML or are making … Read more

Considering Carpet Tiles

Our future master bedroom suite is the only floor in the house that we want carpeted. We’ve started looking into what we want, and I stumbled upon an interesting alternative to the big ol’ rolls: squares of carpet tiles. Link: Carpet Tiles | Carpet Squares | Carpet has been the standard floor for years. … Read more

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