Clearwire in Eugene

Clearwire wireless internet in Eugene

A Comcast Digital Cable customer for 2 years, yesterday I traded in my cable modem for Clearwire’s wireless broadband internet. (and just in the interest of disclosure, I’m not getting paid for this post)

Link: Wireless Broadband Internet Service Provider: High Speed Wireless ISP.

Coburg Rd & Willakenzie
If you’re in Eugene, they have an office at Coburg and Willakenzie. I’m trying out their mid-tier service plan.

Pre-coffee easy setup

This morning, as coffee brewed I set up the Clearwire modem (leased for $5 a month) in Jodie’s alley apartment (our temporary HQ while we get the house in order). I wondered if this would be a challenge, since the location is a bit funky and building-surrounded.

It took about 5 minutes. The windowsill of her kitchen seems to work best so far, though I may also experiment with putting the modem on top of the kitchen cabinets, near the same window.

And then I shall make us a wireless network, by configuring my new Belkin Pre-N Wireless Router.

Hordes of geeky fun to come.

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