Considering Carpet Tiles

Our future master bedroom suite is the only floor in the house that we want carpeted. We’ve started looking into what we want, and I stumbled upon an interesting alternative to the big ol’ rolls: squares of carpet tiles.

Link: Carpet Tiles | Carpet Squares |

Carpet has been the standard floor for years. What made carpet difficult for the online flooring industry is the fact that it was bulky and hard to be self installed. The answer to the downfall of regular carpet is carpet tiles. Carpet Tiles prove to be a superior choice to carpet in nearly every way.

2 thoughts on “Considering Carpet Tiles”

  1. It’s a tough call. It seems so far that the tiles are more expensive, and I’m not sure yet of the cost/benefit aspect. Getting standard-ol’ roll is seeming more cost-effective, but I really like the tile thing. Got to keep looking around…
    We did go to a flooring shop today, but nothing there did anything for us. There is some we’ve seen in Home Depot though, that we’re liking…


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