Month: May 2006

How to Choose a Grill

Mmmm, grilling…You wouldn’t think it from the rainy week we’re having in Eugene, but grilling season is here. With me and Jodie getting evermore ensconced in our new abode, it’s time to sacrifice some seared flesh to the backyard gods. Bring on the barbecueTo help, here’s some advice on how to choose a grill, be … Read More

Feeling more like ours

Monday will be exactly one week since we got possession of the house. In that brief time, we’ve… Decided that there should be a special circle of hell for the people who invented and popularized wallpaper De-wallpapered my office (here’s what it looked like when we first saw the house). We started with the hardest … Read More

New compact fluorescent bulbs make reading easier, save money

Back in my newspaper days, I enjoyed reading James Dulley’s well-written explanations of home improvements. Hmm, maybe that was a sign that I wasn’t as anti-homeowner as I thought. I’m planning to put these throughout the house, and  his article on compact fluorescent light bulbs, or CFLs, is a huge help:

Link: 936 – New compact fluorescent bulbs make reading easier, save money.

Many people know compact fluorescent lights (CFL’s) save money, but are not aware of the other benefits of high-quality special CFL’s. You will probably want to buy different quality CFL’s for various locations in your house. There are many shapes to fit any lamp or lighting fixture.

More links on CFLs:

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