Month: May 2006

Nearly a homeowner

The time is close… but not quite yet. Yesterday we had our "pre-closing walkthrough". It’s recommended that you do that about a day before closing, to ascertain that everything that’s supposed to be there is there, that the house is still in good condition, and that any repairs have been completed. Everything looked fine (well, … Read More

The Newman’s Own Organics Guide to a Good Life : Simple Measures That Benefit You and the Place You Live

A book to own at home, for constant referenceI often use our local library as a way to screen books. Do I like this book? More importantly, do I like it enough to own it… or do I just need to be able to snag it from the library now and again? For most books, … Read More

Mrs. Thompson’s Herbs, Gifts & Folklore

Mrs. Thompson's of Eugene (website) – Herbs, Gifts & Folklore 347 West Fifth Avenue, Eugene, Oregon 97401 Store hours: Monday~Friday 11am – 7pm; Saturday 12-5pm 541-686-6136 Ready to clean… the natural wayTaking my ickle sis Taylor's advice about housecleaning products, Friday afternoon I stopped by Mrs. Thompson's to get the essential oils needed to make … Read More

Mark O’Connor, May 17, 2006 @ The Shedd

Classical training, plus tunes from Appalachia, equals a concert you must attend. Jodie has gotten me hooked on the albums Appalachia Waltz / Ma, Meyer, O’Connor and Appalachian Journey (with Yo-Yo Ma). The reenditions of Appalachian music, combined with the artistry and skill of classically trained musicians, blows me away. And now the chap behind … Read More

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