Written by Anthony St. Clair for oneword June 5, 2006 06:07 AM “Another leg,” he said, and the smell reached him before the flesh. Lightly charred, brown with sauce, he hung his nose a few inches over the chicken, closed his eyes, and breathed in deep. Eyes and mouth watering, he picked up the chicken, … Read more

Carpet tiles from InterfaceFLOR

There are cheaper options for carpet tile, but InterfaceFLOR has some of the best recycling and sustainability of any company in the carpet industry. We’re looking pretty hard at their tiles: Link: Modern, modular carpet tiles and area rugs for Do-It-Yourself ease – InterfaceFLOR.


Written by Anthony St. Clair for oneword June 2, 2006 06:13 AMIn her haste, she didn’t see the knife. Just the fork, just the big spoon for getting more mashed potatoes, but her steak, she just looked at. Saliva fell off her chin, pooled on the table, but all she had was a damn fork. … Read more

Free Computer, Software, Web Development Books thru Aug. 1

Ladies and gentlemen, start your downloading!From Windows XP to Mac OS X Tiger, PHP Basics to MySQL Basics, to Photoshop CS2, In Pictures is offering free PDF downloads of how-to, picture-based tech manuals, through Aug. 1, 2006: Link: In Pictures: Computer books based on pictures, not text.. "FREE DOWNLOADS! For a limited time, In Pictures … Read more

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