Unpacking is one of the hardest and yet most gratifying aspects of moving. You’ve spent so much time and effort packing everything up, moving it, placing it, sometimes even moving it to different spots of the house while you do work here and there — and now, suddenly, you get to take everything out. It’s a bit like Christmas, only you’re giving yourself your own stuff.

This weekend has been just that. On Saturday, we moved Jodie’s stuff from her apartment to the house. Today, we’ve unpacked. We’ve turned the kitchen into a place where people can actually prepare and enjoy food. Her studio is up and running, in time for Monday lessons. Our books are on shelves in the living room, and the stereo is hooked up. In my wee study, clothes are in the closet (pending the construction of a new closet in our master bedroom), and I’ve unpacked some more books.

This is no longer just a house we’ve working on. This is our home — and it finally feels that way.

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