Calling bull**** on Web 2.0

As much as I love the web, I’m sick of hearing about "Web 2.0". It’s an effective, albeit annoying, buzzword — it may well be causing nearly as much hype as this new thing called "the Internet" did about 10 years ago. Here are a few things I really don’t give two shits about and am sick of hearing about:

  • Rocketboom
  • Technorati
  • d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s. Or whever the periods go. I’ll take instead
  • Tags in general. If I want tags, I’ll go to a store where they’re dangling off sleeves. Tags are categories. Get over it.
  • Folksonomies, social networking, et al
  • My Face… or Spacebook… or whatever those are called. Show me the difference between them, and Geocities and Angelfire.
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Ajax (I strictly use Bon Ami on my bathroom surfaces)
  • Really tall, mostly empty, totally stupid-looking headers. No matter how good someone is at color gradients, it’s a waste of space. Odds are, so’s the site, regardless of how cheap hosting and bandwidth are nowadays
  • Rounded corners. Especially the 30 bajillion CSS hacks generally needed to employ them.
  • Sans serif text — hey, Garamond! — suddenly being the "in" thing
    for body text online. Sorry, sans-serif still is more readable on a screen. But then again,
    anyone commiting the next sin doesn’t give a damn about readability
  • Teeny-ass small type — especially when it’s gray teeny-ass small type
  • Constantly referring to web gurus as if you just had coffee with them and are on your way to shag their offspring.
  • "The Conversation". Everyone is always talking about "the conversation" of the web… which means they’re talking about talking. How about everyone just shut up for a while, and maybe go outside?

Does that mean that there’s nothing cool coming up in the world of websites? There’s tons of cool stuff. But unless you’re the scant percentage who lives or dies by validators and applications that hardly anyone is rolling out, it’s irrelevant.

I’ll get excited about Web 2.0, when more people using the Web have actually gotten themselves past 1.0.

Until then, this is neat. But that’s all. And neat is quickly fading into bullshit and boring.

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2 thoughts on “Calling bull**** on Web 2.0”

  1. Anthony, don’t be hating on MySpace. It’s awesome. I met the most awesome girl ever on there, seriously. There is a big difference between myspace and geocities or angelfire. I was skeptical at first too…but trust me, I’ve been a web dork for a really long time, and I am WAYYY addicted to myspace.

  2. I’ll relent… a little bit, but only because of how much I trust your geeky judgment, cid. (Congrats on the girl, too, btw).
    MySpace ain’t my cuppa tea though. Either that, or by the time I do warm up to it, it just won’t be hip anymore 🙂


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