Getting Finances Done

Link: Getting Finances Done. (K@ & Logan, this one’s especially for you!) Found this the other day via Lifehacker, and have already been finding it crazy useful. Check out the following two posts in particular for getting your current financial life in order, as well as for a little short-term emergency planning: Getting Finances Done … Read more

Showerheads: Low flow, high style

Personally, I’ll take the water-saver (with drizzle switch) that we got from Greater Goods on 6th & High, but Sunset magazine also has some tips for picking stylish yet decently efficient showerheads. Link: Low flow, high style. "When you consider that the shower accounts for up to 30 percent of household water use, this simple … Read more

My inner contractor

My dad is a contractor, but it never seemed as if any of it passed to me. I’m capable of using a hammer, for example — but you probably don’t want me near a saw. Yet — over the past couple of weeks, the damnedest thing has been happening. I’ve been sketching ideas for floors … Read more

Nobody Cares By Robin M. Allen

Looking elsewhere for that motivation to write? Thinking of all the adoring fans and loved ones? Don’t. Ultimately, you are the only one who will care about your writing — and especially to care enough to follow through with it: Link: Nobody Cares By Robin M. Allen. The only person who will ever care about … Read more

TerraPass | Prevent global warming, reduce carbon dioxide pollution, promote alternative energy

Could you spare $30 a year for renewable energy projects? TerraPass helps you balance out your carbon contributions, by funding renewable energy projects such as wind farms: Link: TerraPass | Prevent global warming, reduce carbon dioxide pollution, promote alternative energy.

Last day for free Shakespeare in the Park

Today is the last day of this year’s free Shakespeare in the Park series. Head to Amazon Park in South Eugene for the 6 p.m. showing of The Taming of the Shrew. Picnics are a great idea for this; also, if you’d like to get some great Mediterranean food, contact Iraila by 3 p.m. for … Read more

Coronado Brewing Company – Microbrewery Restaurant in Coronado

California does its share of good micro and craft beer too. Next time you’re in San Diego, head to Coronado for a pint of Mermaid and either the burgers or the fish tacos at the Coronado Brewing Company: Link: Coronado Brewing Company – Microbrewery Restaurant in Coronado.

Death to fake wood paneling

Yesterday, I took a pry bar to the bedroom wall. Whacked it in with a rubber mallet, and started pulling. Next thing I knew, a 5-foot wide by 10-foot tall section of old, crappy, ugly, obscene, disgusting, icky fake wood paneling was drifting down to the floor. Our bedroom is the last — current — … Read more

La Jolla Kayak – San Diego

While in San Diego, Jodie and I took a morning to go sea kayaking. The water at La Jolla is quite nice, plus there are some interesting wee sea caves on its coast. We rented kayaks from La Jolla Kayak ($47 for a double, for 2 hours; could’ve taken a tour, too, but we wanted … Read more