Great tips for freelancers

This post — written by someone with 17 years of freelancing experience – contains some very important things to do and remember when trying to make it being a freelance, well, anything:

Link: beetlegrass: Freelance Anniversary.

3 thoughts on “Great tips for freelancers”

  1. With my writing work, I guess I would be Freelance Writer, too…well, except without all the offers pouring in for work. I actually had five CD reviews published in the Eugene Weekly between July and December, 2004, but that’s pretty much it. You could probably find them online, via Google, unless, of course, you still have stacks of Eugene Weekly back-issues from 2004, from beyond and back, in your basement:
    1: Iced Earth: “The Glorious Burden”
    2: Station Wag: “Just Like That…”
    (A local band:
    3: Type O Negative: “Life Is Killing Me”
    4: Godsmack: “The Other Side”
    5: Tool: “Aenima”
    I also have written a review for Cradle of Filth’s 2004 release “Nymphetamine,” but it was never accepted by EW for publication.


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