Oregon – Renewable Resources State Incentives for Solar

From requirements to credit details to loans, here is everything solar and the Oregon state government: Renewable Resources State Incentives for Solar Solar Support – New in 2006 Residential Energy Tax Credits for Solar Solar/PV Energy Loan Program More Info about Oregon and energy: Department of Energy Oregon Department of Energy Home  

Cardoza “Empowering America Act” would increase solar consumers’ rights, lower installation costs

Pardon me while I spend a few posts on a solar power kick. This piece of recently introduced legislation, however, has huge potential for Americans trying to go solar and be more green. Link: SEIA – Solar Energy Industries Association – "Cardoza "Empowering America Act" would increase solar consumers’ rights, lower installation costs". Cardoza "Empowering … Read more

Eugene is #1 for Green – The Top 10 Green Cities in the U.S.: 2006

Forgive me if this is old news, but this report from April 2006 shows not only that wee old Eugene is America’s greenest city, but its top 10 has a few American cities that might surprise you. Link: Greener Buildings | News & Columns | The Top 10 Green Cities in the U.S.: 2006. Top … Read more

Fried okra

Fellow Eugenian The Accidental Scientist echoes my seasonal sentiments exactly. I can feel my appetite changing again, wanting heartier fare. And I certainly wouldn’t mind a bit of her grandma’s fried okra. Jodie and I have been experimenting a bit with okra, and this recipe sounds like a winner: Link: the accidental scientist: Returning to … Read more

Listen to This: Living on Earth: Sunny Prospects for Solar

NPR’s Living on Earth is one of my favorite podcasts. I’ve been looking forward to their report on the outlook for solar energy, as it’s something I’m interested in investing in, in the next few years. If you have a home, are considering buying a home or are just wondering about your options for living … Read more

New Read – How To Be Poor

Scraping by? Here’s a free blog that will gives tips to do just that: Link: How To Be Poor. Via AllFinancialMatters » Blog Archive » Blog of the Week – No. 51 "This week’s Blog of the Week is How to be Poor. The name doesn’t mean what you think it means! According to Max’s … Read more

SaverShower (Model DS2C) – Efficient, Water-Saving Showerhead

Some of you had asked for showerhead recommendations (AntSaint: Showerheads: Low flow, high style) and I couldn’t recall the brand of the efficient showerheads I’d bought for the house. I got the info today, and here are the details: "SaverShower"Model DS2CWhedon Products21 Andover Dr.W. Hartford, CT  06110 It cuts water usage, while still giving a … Read more

Going Penny-Crazy, HELP ! | Ask MetaFilter

Link: Going Penny-Crazy, HELP ! | Ask MetaFilter. "I have a lot of pennies. They accumulated over the past 12 years. I need a permanent solution to this problem other than a big jar (that you have to move eventually and gets heavier by day). What do you do with your pennies?" (Hint: You can … Read more

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