Moleskine Hacks from 43Folders

Thinking creatively on what else you can do with your Moleskine? From tricks for the inside cover to recommendations on pens, 43 Folders has you covered: Link: Moleskine/Hacks – 43FoldersWiki. # 1 Tabs # 2 Calendar # 3 Outside Cover # 4 Inside Cover # 5 Spine Icons # 6 Spine Labeling # 7 Post-It … Read more

Moleskine Cases

Jim Morrison’s comment about Moleskine cases (and Jodie’s note about looking for PDA cases as a Moleskine case) put me on a hunt for a Moleskine case. What’s out there is mostly cases for similar-type items, as well as some DIY moleskine cases: moleskine case – Google Search moleskinerie: Essay: Moleskine Notes, Comment – "I … Read more

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin dead |

While filming a documentary off the coast of Cairns, Australia, Steve Irwin died in an accident. My thoughts go out to him and his wife Terri — this post is marked with "Eugene" because she’s from here. He was a hell of a man, and he did a lot for animals. Link: Crocodile Hunter Steve … Read more

6 ways a short-term emergency fund can help save your budget

I love this idea: maintaining a smaller emergency fund, always accessible. For me, I’m considering that figure to be one month’s real expenses, plus 10%: Link: Getting Finances Done � 6 ways a short-term emergency fund can help save your budget.

Blackberries update

This morning, Jodie and I went with a friend of ours to inspect a blackberry patch in Eugene. We are sorry to report that there are still no blackberries in Eugene. However, should you see me around, you might be wondering why I have so many wee scratches and punctures on my right arm. The … Read more

Las Brasas – great Mexican food in Eugene

A few years back, I was helping some friends move. One afternoon, they treated me to a burrito at Las Brasas, a wee hole in the wall on 4th & Blair. The burrito was packed and flavorful, the location fun, sitting outdoors and watching the Whiteaker neighborhood go by. Las Brasas is still going strong. … Read more

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