Month: September 2006

Moleskine Hacks from 43Folders

Thinking creatively on what else you can do with your Moleskine? From tricks for the inside cover to recommendations on pens, 43 Folders has you covered: Link: Moleskine/Hacks – 43FoldersWiki. # 1 Tabs # 2 Calendar # 3 Outside Cover # 4 Inside Cover # 5 Spine Icons # 6 Spine Labeling # 7 Post-It … Read More

Moleskine Cases

Jim Morrison’s comment about Moleskine cases (and Jodie’s note about looking for PDA cases as a Moleskine case) put me on a hunt for a Moleskine case. What’s out there is mostly cases for similar-type items, as well as some DIY moleskine cases: moleskine case – Google Search moleskinerie: Essay: Moleskine Notes, Comment – "I … Read More

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin dead |

While filming a documentary off the coast of Cairns, Australia, Steve Irwin died in an accident. My thoughts go out to him and his wife Terri — this post is marked with "Eugene" because she’s from here. He was a hell of a man, and he did a lot for animals. Link: Crocodile Hunter Steve … Read More

Las Brasas – great Mexican food in Eugene

A few years back, I was helping some friends move. One afternoon, they treated me to a burrito at Las Brasas, a wee hole in the wall on 4th & Blair. The burrito was packed and flavorful, the location fun, sitting outdoors and watching the Whiteaker neighborhood go by. Las Brasas is still going strong. … Read More

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