Underway at the house

Ah, the joys of being a homeowner — mainly being that you will never, ever be bored. Here are some things keeping us occupied as we enter our fourth month of being in the house…

  • Replacing the oil furnace with a pellet stove (we are currently being courted by a Harman Accentra, available in Eugene from the folks at Midgley’s Stove & Fireplace Center, on 7th & Chambers)
  • Redoing the "family room" into a pimp master bedroom
  • Preparing for the drywall for the above
  • Framing a walk-in closet for the above
  • Considering replacing a small window — in, of course, said above room —  with a bay window that would look out over the backyard
  • Upgrading the woodstove in the master bedroom to a newer, EPA-compliant woodstove
  • And then — glorious then — unpacking all the remaining furniture, decor and clothes.

That ought to keep us busy for a little while at least…

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