Written by Anthony St. Clair for oneword November 29, 2006 06:03 PMThe tail disappeared around a corner, and the cat followed. To the back of the house she tracked it, just a swish of tail, never more seen. Suddenly a corner, suddenly a hiss, suddenly the cat saw what it had been following, and its … Read more


Written by Anthony St. Clair for oneword November 28, 2006 05:37 PMSnap and whir and step and the music and they moved around and around the camera, rose gleaming, light bouncing off her earrings and smile and off the hope in his eyes. Two days — that was all the doctor said he had left … Read more


Written by Anthony St. Clair for oneword November 27, 2006 06:57 PMHe could barely breathe, the way the air barely got in his lungs, the air so thin, so high up — he looked up the steep, nearly straight hillside. His eyes felt pulled tight. The sky was blue above the brown of the hill … Read more

Oregon wine for under $15? Hit a bottle of Hinman’s

Looking for a bottle of Oregon wine under $15? The R-G’s "Best of" team hit the bottle streets to do some research. What’d they find? "Hinman Winery came up our winner, flavor-wise, price-wise and availability-wise." Link: If your wine budget’s limited, try these – The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon, USA.

Writing is worthless?

Link: "writing is worthless" – Google Search. It’s an age-old question. Is writing worthless? Or is it only something you tell yourself to keep from writing? Articles about "Writing from the deeper Self" Angela Booth’s Writing Blog: Writers How-to: Blast Your Writing Blocks One Woman’s Writing Retreat: Interview with Elizabeth Lyon Zugunruhe paradisaea: Writing

Eugene making sense, signs on to cut greenhouse gases

We’ve been underway with ways to cut our energy usage, partially for the environment, partially to save money, partially just because it makes good bloody sense. Seeing that it’s now city policy, well, it makes me glad to live here: Link: Eugene poised to join carbon war -The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon, USA. Mayor Kitty Piercy … Read more

Roseburg Poet Takes Prize At Nationwide Fall Poetry Conference

ROSEBURG, OR – Joseph Federico of Roseburg won a first prize in a nationwide poetry contest sponsored by the Oregon State Poetry Association (OSPA). He read the winning poem at the OSPA fall conference in Waldport recently. OSPA is branching out from the Portland area, establishing new chapters in Eugene, Medford, the Umpqua Valley and … Read more


Written by Anthony St. Clair for oneword November 21, 2006 10:57 PMThe lace was so delicate, so intricate, and she could hardly believe that its tiny grace had come from her fallible fingers. She held the just-completed shawl up to the sunlight, felt the wool warm beneath her fingers. A gentle shine, as gentle from … Read more

Wine recommendations

Not only can you turn to Consumer Reports for advice on cars, appliances and food — but they also put a pretty spot-on list of wine recommendations too. Why I like it: Value is a factor, and instead of focusing on the ponce factor, they just focus on an enjoyable wine. Link: ConsumerReports.org – Wine … Read more