Month: November 2006

Eugene Poetry Slam tonight! at the new Fenario Gallery, 8th & Willamette

Slam is in effect in Eugene, and in a new venue! Head down tonight for the Eugene Poetry Slam, kicking off at 7:30 in its new location at the just-opened Fenario Gallery, 881 Willamette:

  • 7:30 – ?
  • $5 cover
  • All ages welcome
  • Separate 21+ section with beer and wine available
  • Open mic — bring your own poetry, on paper or in your memory and perform like mad
  • Feature: Jamie Kilstein

See below for the release, from new mistress of slam Jorah…

Read MoreEugene Poetry Slam tonight! at the new Fenario Gallery, 8th & Willamette

Fall/winter yurt camping in Oregon

The R-G’s "Team Best" talks up winter-camping in Oregon’s yurts, while giving a few recommended campgrounds for this time of year: Link: Camping out in the rain – with a roof – The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon, USA. With a few extra tarps, a good tent, dry kindling and wood for a fire, we’re good to … Read More

How to siphon homebrew

A good reference for the Meyers-St.Clair-Danenberg homebrewing company: Link: Siphoning The Homebrew. The trick to getting beer from one vessel to another without mixing air into it is by siphoning it. There are many techniques for starting a siphon, but we prefer to avoid making contact with the tube with our mouth, as this could … Read More

Glenwood ascending?

Glenwood is a quirky area between Eugene and Springfield. Not really technically part of either, interest from within Glenwood and from the surrounding community has been piquing over the last couple of years. Could some development, gentrification, whatever you want to call it, be on the cusp for this neighborhood? And if so, will they … Read More

Five Positive Thoughts That Will Turbocharge Your Writing (and How to Channel Them)

After all, it is very easy to think of all the things that can derail your writing (and believe you me, I should know). But instead of dwelling on what could stop you, how about give a few moments to think of what can get the words flowing (note to self)? Link: Five Positive Thoughts … Read More

MONEY Magazine: What it takes to be rich

Some of these may make some interesting reading. I’m a little skeptical of stories like these — often because there’s a focus on a lifestyle that I’m not interested in — but there are also nuggets of wisdom and experience that worth finding. I haven’t read these yet, but in general I’d like to point … Read More

What makes Oregon mean what it means to me?

One of my best friends is coming to visit this weekend. When asking him what he wanted to do while he was here, he replied, "I want to see all the things that make Oregon mean what it mean to you." So I’ve been pondering that, and here’s just a few thoughts: Composting isn’t a … Read More

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