7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving”

  1. Thanks Ging! Shame you couldn’t have been up here with us. And had Jodie’s sweet potato knot rolls… or our sweet potatoes with butter, Jameson’s and cranberries sauce… or our vanilla mulled cider…
    Not to make you drool or anything, I’m sure you snagged something lovely from the chippie 🙂

  2. “Snagged somethin’ from the chippie…” what exactly are you suggesting 😉
    Um, but seeing as we ‘strayans don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, twas just another Thursday, really…
    However, I am hosting my fam christmas this year… 12 adults. 9 kids. 2 dogs. in my 2brm cottage 😉
    We’re going the full turkey/ham get-up, and some seafood & Pannetone for dessert – mixin’ it up a bit, bringin’ a bit of European/Maltese flavour to the event! My fam won’t know what’s hit them!!
    And yes, I’ll be in the apron & kitten heels – being the hostess w the mostest… though, yes, most of the ‘actual’ cooking will be done by Paul 😉

  3. It’s gonna be madness – me hosting anything?! Hence the apron/kittne heels – I’ll have some chance of looking the part! ’twill be STINKIN’ hot, so am trying to make it a civilised ‘evening’ affair. We’ll be doin’ the outdoor thing on my patio and the kids can chase my dogs for a while…
    It’s about time it was my turn, really 😉
    I’ll save you some cake!!


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