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Not only can you turn to Consumer Reports for advice on cars, appliances and food — but they also put a pretty spot-on list of wine recommendations too.

Why I like it: Value is a factor, and instead of focusing on the ponce factor, they just focus on an enjoyable wine.

Link: – Wine 12/06: Cabernet sauvignon, Chardonnay, Zinfandel.

Values in reds & chardonnay – Finding an excellent wine that’s also affordable–say, under $20–is difficult but not impossible. In this year’s Ratings, we’ve identified two excellent zinfandels and three chardonnays. In all, there are 15 CR Best Buys among our Quick Pick recommendations (available to subscribers), including some very good bottles that cost as little as $8.

3 thoughts on “Wine recommendations”

  1. I was just listening to a Splendid Table podcast from a week ago that featured a great list of enthusiastic recommendations for box wines. Yep.
    From Josh Wesson,
    * Banrock Station Shiraz ($16)
    * Delicato California Shiraz ($16)
    * Dtour Macon-Villages ($38)
    * Black Box Chardonnay ($18)
    * Bandit Pinot Grigio ($10
    * Bandit Cabernet Sauvignon ($10)
    I have no idea what their availability is in these parts, but I’m very curious!
    * Splendid Table url:

  2. Hmmm, I’m curious too. A while back we picked up a box wine from, of all places, Target. I can’t remember what it was – maybe a Cab Sauv? – but it was plenty drinkable, and a good price. I was pleasantly surprised.
    Banrock Station is a decent bottle; we always seem them at Winco for… I think around $4 a bottle.


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