Writing is worthless?

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It’s an age-old question. Is writing worthless? Or is it only something you tell yourself to keep from writing?

4 thoughts on “Writing is worthless?”

  1. Good call. You know, I heard the same old stupid question a while back on a podcast – “Is the novel dead?” Well, let’s see – it wasn’t dead when the Internet came out, when TV came out, when radio came out…
    I wonder if the hardest part, is figuring out that saying something is the most important part?

  2. They might as well say that “Poetry is dead,” or rather “Poetry was never alive,” since a lot of people are not as into it as other forms of literature. And many poets, probably all of them, say that there’s no way you can make a living as a poet. Remember Marge Simpson’s quote: “You get as drunk as a poet on payday!” And the play “Cyrano de Bergerac”? The poets there were depicted as so poor, that they had to barter their work to the local baker for some baked goods just for something to eat. Don’t get me wrong, I think poetry is as expressive an art form as any other, (also, with less rules on how to write it) but…can we really designate how a literary mediuim is doing, whether it is “alive or dead” by its popularity; how it is perceived by those who either read it (them) voluntarliy; or by those who had such subjects shoved down their throats and up their asses as school-children, or, rather, by how each form of literature has evoked the Humanity in someone, little a group as they might be, just by someone else’s words, seldom or plentiful, their work is read…?

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