Amateur Night

Ah, New Year’s Eve. Or, as some of the local barmen call it, "Amateur Night". Think about it: how many people hardly drink a drop all year, then suddenly bust it out for one night, where they will get so sloppy that the average frat daddy would tell them to slow down? Exactly. New Year’s … Read more

Homemade Furniture Polish

Saw this a while back on the My Way – My Way Today – Frugal Tip. (which changes every day, but keeps the same link. It’s worth checking out and following — you’ll learn some neat tricks) Homemade Furniture Polish: Make your own furniture polish. Use 2 cups of water, 1/2-cup olive oil and 2 … Read more

Aran Islands by Ferry – Daily ferry from Doolin to Aran Islands

I’ve spent some very happy days on Inisheer, the smallest of the Aran Islands, in Ireland’s Galway Bay. Now you can take a ferry from Doolin to Inisheer as well. Check out the website from these fine folks. In addition to ferry (and ferry booking info), there’s also some information on the island too: Link: … Read more

Launching Your Product: Seven Marketing ‘Musts’

The old dilemma: sure, you have something great — but who cares? Or, rather, how do you help them see that they should not only care, but be really really amped up about it too? Link: Launching Your Product: Seven Marketing ‘Musts’ | "A jolt. That’s what you want from your product launch. An … Read more

Eugene Hiking – Winter Waterfall Walks: The rainy season is prime time to visit many Oregon waterfalls

Seeing a hiking spot, especially a waterfall, at different times of year is something I love doing. Having seen Sweet Creek Falls in the summer, I’d love to also see it in the winter, when the water levels are different. The R-G talks up Sweet Creek, as well as a few other great winter hiking … Read more