24 bottles of beer in the sink, 24 bottles of beer

3 thoughts on “24 bottles of beer in the sink, 24 bottles of beer”

  1. Yeah, but you could run to 7-11 and buy some right now! LOL That’s an old Beavis & Butthead joke: they were in class, and their teacher, Mr. Van Driesen, is explaining agriculture to them, about how if they want nachos, they have to plant corn first…
    Beavis: No, no, no. We want to grow nachos.
    Van Driesen: In a few months, Beavis, when the corn grows, you’ll be able to make your own nachos.
    Beavis: Yeah, but we can go to Maxi-Mart and get some right now!
    Butthead: Yeah. But this is school. They have to do everything ass-backwards.
    So, there you go. 🙂

  2. Yeah, but 7-11’s expensive! One of the curious things about homebrewing, is that if you look at just the cost of your recipe, your ingredients, for a 5-gallon batch, the average cost of your pint is 50 cents. Your equipment has cost, of course, but when you break that cost down over batch after batch after batch, it’s negligible.
    But all that said, that was bloody funny. Though something tells me homebrew might knock beavis and butthead on their respective bums!


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