Amateur Night

Ah, New Year’s Eve. Or, as some of the local barmen call it, "Amateur Night". Think about it: how many people hardly drink a drop all year, then suddenly bust it out for one night, where they will get so sloppy that the average frat daddy would tell them to slow down? Exactly.

New Year’s Eve is a holiday I’ve never been all that into, but I’ve figured out over the years how to make it more fun.

1) Don’t go to bars
2) Celebrate with close friends and family. Generally, the smaller the gathering, the better
3) Drink only quality, not quantity. If your idea of drinking is a pitcher of Bud, well, my condolences, but hey — it’s a new year. Tie on a new one. Try something Belgian. Or a Northwest microbrew. Get a really nice wine, or splurge on some top of the top shelf hard-liquor. But drink quality, and pace yourself
4) The next day, have a big, greasy breakfast. Because it’s tasty, and death to any hangovers.

I know a lot of people will hit the bars. I’m glad I’m not one of them. I’m glad I’ll be with Jodie and some select friends. I’m glad I’ll be drinking some really nice booze, but not too much of it. And I’m glad there’ll be some food waiting in the fridge, and fresh beans in the coffee grinder, for the next morning’s gnosh to truly welcome us into the new year.

11 thoughts on “Amateur Night”

  1. Indeed… In our nigh on three years together, Paul and I had never spent new year’s together, so we made the most of it & enjoyed a quiet one at home. For a bit of fun I decided to pitch my tent in my backyard & make it a camping-style affair – esp seeing as we’ve not managed to go camping this, er, last year! So ‘twas me, Paulus, the hounds, some seafood on the barbie, some beers (some internationals & Paul’s homebrew), vino, champers… campin’ chairs round the brazier & a night on the air mattress in the tent! Was great!
    ‘appy new year to y’z…

  2. Having said that, I did a countback to see how I’d spent previous Christmas/NY’s in my last decade of ‘travel’:
    1995/6 – Dublin (Christmas)/Hogmanay, Edinburgh
    1996/7 – Brisbane/Melbourne?
    1997/8 – Brisbane/Byron Bay?
    1998/9 – UK/Dublin
    1999/2000 – UK/Barcelona
    2000/01 – Bulgaria/Dublin
    2001/02 – Killorglin, Co Kerry (Ireland)
    2002/3 – Brisbane/Crescent Head, NSW (Australia)
    2003/4 – Brisbane/Ho Chi Minh City, VietNam
    2004/5 – Brisbane/Brunswick Heads (NSW)/Brisbane
    2005/6 – Helsinki/Moscow – on train to Irkutsk, Siberia

  3. See, that’s the nice thing about having new year’s in summer! I love the backyard campout idea – a nice new year’s under the stars… hmmm…
    Pretty impressive rack-up of destinations, too. Mine’s pretty tame – my only claims to new year’s fame are 2 in Edinburgh, and one in Thailand. Not bad…

  4. Yis, the southern hemisphere does have its positives (though it’s fairly sunny and camping-friendly all-year-round in BrisVegas!)… and being in crazy countries doing crazy traditional things has its positives too!
    But those years were was fairly travel-heavy/dominant for me. In future, my ‘rack’ (ahem) won’t be quite as impressive as the last 10 years… but that’s not a bad thing…
    Incidentally… I like to think, depsite my years, I still have a pretty nice rack 😉

  5. While he’s at it, he could get you some Lebanese food. I recall a BootsnAll story talking about how the author was certain there was something rather, ahem, “enhancing” about Lebanese cuisine!

  6. Really? Maybe it’s chickpeas/felafel, cos Boza has chickpeas in it, apparently….
    And I do like a chickpea, I must say!
    Having said all this, my original comment stands: I still reckon I have a pretty nice rack – with or without Boza or felafel… It was probably more of a ‘bookshelf’ in the travelling days, that’s all… (ah, the ‘mammories’… sorry, couldn’t resist!!)
    But to the flatchested ladies out there – hook in!


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