Bigfoot in Lane County

Have you heard of Sasquatch, or Bigfoot? Put aside nonsense media for a minute, and have a read at this fascinating article on Bigfoot believers – right here in Lane County. As for me, I think it’s possible – even likely – that Bigfoot exists. Given the creature’s reluctance to have much contact with human life, this may also be evidence of its intelligence…

Link: Shadowing Bigfoot: "When you see something like that, it’s not really a question of do they exist, but what are they?" – The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon, USA.

"Williams is most definitely a Bigfoot believer. Her Web site,, lists 870 alleged Sasquatch-related reports in North America since the late 19th century, more than half of them in Oregon and 58 in Lane County dating back to the 1930s."

2 thoughts on “Bigfoot in Lane County”

  1. I’m a sucker for articles about lost or newly discovered species. There’s definitely more to the world than the eyes of humankind have seen and every existence needs some mystery in it. For more scientific reports on various Bigfoot, Loch Ness, Yeti sitings, you should check out, it’s a treasure trove of things like that.

  2. Ah, thanks for the link. I believe Jodie’s on a site right now, looking for Bigfoot sightings.
    I concur – there’s a lot more out there than we realize, if only because it’s such a big, varied world and there’s but so much we can perceive. And but so much that would want to be perceived…


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