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There are many schools of thought on how couples manage money. Joint everything? Separate everything? A happy medium? Here’s one person’s take:

Link: Money and marriage – Blunt Money.

I’ve been married previously, and my ex-husband and I had joint finances. We had nothing but trouble with money. Many times a month, every month, for our entire marriage. Rightly or wrongly, this made me a little leery of joint finances.

I’m re-married, and my husband and I chose to have mainly separate finances.

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  1. Personally, I’m a fan of separate finances. It’s easier to tuck money away for surprise gifts and each party knows which bill they are responsible for. Savings accounts are a different matter though. We each have our individual accounts, and then a joint account for saving for large events in the future, like plane tickets and hotel reservations and the like. As long as there are clearly defined responsibilities and one person doesn’t end up paying for gas or groceries more than the other, it works perfectly.


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