New Year’s Eve Dinner at Iraila

Make reservations now for a set dinner for two at Eugene’s wonderful Iraila restaurant, on Dec. 31. There will also be music performed by Americanistan and the Tribal Belly Dancing Troup, Luminessa. Call (541) 684-8400 or email

Money and marriage – Blunt Money

There are many schools of thought on how couples manage money. Joint everything? Separate everything? A happy medium? Here’s one person’s take: Link: Money and marriage – Blunt Money. I’ve been married previously, and my ex-husband and I had joint finances. We had nothing but trouble with money. Many times a month, every month, for … Read more

New Market of Choice opens at 29th & Willamette in South Eugene

Link: A new Choice location – The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon, USA. If you’ve never thought of a trip to the grocery store as a journey to an exotic, enticing destination, well, now’s the time to change your mind. The new Market of Choice — all 42,000 sq.ft of it (plus 10,000 feet of solar panels) … Read more

Bigfoot in Lane County

Have you heard of Sasquatch, or Bigfoot? Put aside nonsense media for a minute, and have a read at this fascinating article on Bigfoot believers – right here in Lane County. As for me, I think it’s possible – even likely – that Bigfoot exists. Given the creature’s reluctance to have much contact with human … Read more

Podcast 54: Business Benefits of Web Standards :: Boagworld

I’ve been getting into the Boagworld web design podcast as of late, and have been very excited to hear this argument for the business benefit of web standards. Another plus was this commenter’s breakdown of how to handle CSS support for older vs. modern browsers. Link: Podcast 54: Business Benefits of Web Standards :: Boagworld. … Read more

Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony at Eugene’s Hult Center

One of my goals in life is to attend at least one performance of Beethoven’s nine symphonies. So far I’ve got the Third and the Sixth. Now, the Ninth. Much of it had me grinning sillily and nearly brimming with tears, partly because it’s one of my favorite pieces of music, and partially because, well, … Read more

Window on the weekend

As we’ve worked on our eventual master bedroom, we’ve had those moments where we get struck by something we simply must do. In one example, a friend pointed out that while we were drywalling and had our walls stripped down, we should take the opportunity to replace a ridiculous window. The window is ridiculous, because … Read more

Peanut Brittle without corn syrup

Jodie is on a Christmas baking tear this week. I just finished being her slave sous chef. She very much wanted to make some peanut brittle, but since we didn’t have any corn syrup we did a little extra hunting. It paid off, and she found this yummy recipe — with a bit of cinnamon … Read more


Written by Anthony St. Clair for oneword December 14, 2006 04:41 PM"Give," he said, "just, for once, give a little. It’s not going to kill you… it might even save you." They looked at each other, and another precious minute ticked away. "Please," he thought, "please," watching the clock all the while. All oneword entries … Read more

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