Month: December 2006


Written by Anthony St. Clair for oneword December 11, 2006 05:07 PMThere was no belief in her eyes, and that was the worst part. "But I’ve told you and told you," he said, then stopped, when she shrugged and started walking away. "There’s telling, and there’s doing. You’ve told. But done? If only you could … Read More

Some 2006 IRS tax info for individuals & homeowners

I’m now in the same boat as a lot of people — buying a home means that my tax situation has changed a great deal. Now it’s time to figure out how. One thing I will give the IRS, is they have an easy-to-use, comprehensive website. Here are some handy forms and publications: Tax Information … Read More

94.5 FM – 24-hour Christmas music

I’ve always been a sucker for Christmas music… and while I’m glad it’s only for about a month out of the year, well, I must confess that I love listening to Christmas music just about non-stop. Hence why the household dial is often set to here, through Christmas: Link: Magic 94.5 FM- SOFT ROCK – … Read More


Written by Anthony St. Clair for oneword December 7, 2006 04:38 PM"I’m just the alternate," she said, "but I learn fast. So why don’t we sit down, have a civilized drink of something single-malt, and until the other one gets back, you can get over yourself enough to tell me what’s going on – or, … Read More

Drink! It’s your right – today is Dec. 5, Repeal Day

Dec. 5, 1933, a day that shall live in infamy — or it would, if that night wasn’t all fuzzy. On this fateful, glorious day, Prohibition, that daft experiment in national dryness, was repealed. Even though the world still chuckles at us Yanks for it — and who can blame them? — at least one … Read More


Written by Anthony St. Clair for oneword December 5, 2006 05:57 PMIn reverse, the Mustang flew back over the hill. She winked. "Sorry about that," she said, "let’s try this way instead." She gunned it, flew past the black SUVs and the guns inside, and roared towards the warehouse. "They’re behind us." "Yeah, that’s their … Read More

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