Peanut Brittle without corn syrup

Jodie is on a Christmas baking tear this week. I just finished being her slave sous chef. She very much wanted to make some peanut brittle, but since we didn’t have any corn syrup we did a little extra hunting. It paid off, and she found this yummy recipe — with a bit of cinnamon and cayenne too — from Alton Brown and the Food Network:

Link: Recipes : Peanut Brittle : Food Network.

14 thoughts on “Peanut Brittle without corn syrup”

  1. Funny thing is, I don’t watch the Food Network – we just happened to find it in Google. I hear about it all the time, but if it’s not from NetFlix, I’m not apt to be watching telly… though I may have to reconsider it once we catch up to Lost leaves off this season…

  2. A little update on this recipe…. It sucks. We tried it twice, and it didn’t work. Next time we will use a recipe with corn syrup (helps keep the sugar from crystalizing) and add the spices. That was the one good thing about it.

  3. I’m living in China and we can’t find corn syrup for peanut brittle, although there are plenty of peanuts around. What can we substitute for the missing ingrediant?

  4. Look at making Peanut Brittle in the Indian (india) way. When I gave some Peanut Brittle to an Indian friend he said… Ahhh! Chikki! and showed it to his friends who also all said Chikki! I’ve never tasted Chikki though, but its worth a shot.
    Shengdana Chikki


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