Window on the weekend

As we’ve worked on our eventual master bedroom, we’ve had those moments where we get struck by something we simply must do. In one example, a friend pointed out that while we were drywalling and had our walls stripped down, we should take the opportunity to replace a ridiculous window.

The window is ridiculous, because of 1) its placement and 2) the shoddy job of it. Jodie and I are not tall — hence, to look out the old window, we would pretty much need to stand on each other’s shoulders. And as for calling it a window, well, if you want to call a sheet of single-pane glass caulked into a frame a window, okay.

However, the window was placed not far from the ceiling, was 6 feet long, and in a position to where a great view of the backyard was possible — provided that you had a window that was about 5 feet tall.

So that’s what we did.

We ordered a CertainTeed 6-foot wide by 5-feet tall, double-paned, low-e coated, argon-filled badass vinyl window from

With a 5-man crew (Jodie made soup), we busted out drills, reciprocating saws, pry bars and a hell of a lot of smack-talking. It was Sunday afternoon, the coffee pot was on, the weather was glorious — and a couple of hours, some heavy-lifting, fast-nailing and minor wall demolition later, now even people 5’5" can see into the backyard.

This whole homeowner thing is getting more and more fun all the time. Now for the next bit of fun — mudding and taping the drywall…

Sometime after the new year, anyway…

6 thoughts on “Window on the weekend”

  1. Every time I read about your home improvement projects, I am seriously impressed at the latent skill that is present in your genome. Replacing a window? Wow! My dad does carpentry, so we’ve got all sorts of built in everything, but we’ve never done anything so ambitious as a new window.
    I’m excited to see pictures when this is all said and done (and maybe some intermediate pictures as well?). Hopefully I’ll get to do something so cool someday — I’ve always wanted to own a fixer-upper.

  2. Leah,
    It’s really unfortunate, because our digital camera is broken. Until we get it replaced or fixed, we’re stuck with the slownness of film. Looks like it’s going to be fixed soon, so maybe we’ll be able to get some intermediate pics up.

  3. Thanks Leah, but I can’t take much credit. I was just a grunt – one of our friends was the mastermind who knew exactly what to do. It’s definitely been fun though, and I’m learning heaps – goodness knows, even a year ago, this is one of the last things I would’ve thought I’d be doing!
    And as for the camera, we’re seeing what we can do with it. Hopefully an update there soon, because we miss it a lot…


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