Good wine under $10: Amaicha 2005 – Torrontes, from Argentina

While whipping up some chicken stew this evening, Jodie and I — oh, so sadly — had to open a bottle of white wine. For the stew and the chefs we chose a bottle of 2005 Amaicha, from Argentina. We found this at Trader Joe’s for, oh, maybe $5.99. Might’ve been cheaper; the details are a little fuzzy at the moment, no matter how much I ask the empty bottle to jog my memory.

Jodie and I are huge fans of sweet crisp Rieslings, but loved the Amaicha because it was so different. This wine is much drier, yet with a sweet, citrusy crispness at the edge of every sip. It’s well worth a try, both in the pot and in the glass. Check your local Trader Joe’s or other wine shop.

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