Splitting firewood – tips, tricks & tools

As we burn through the wood that came with the house, we’re looking for a good firewood source. I’m also kicking around learning to split our own firewood. Here are a few things I’ve been looking over, including some interesting tools:

5 thoughts on “Splitting firewood – tips, tricks & tools”

  1. Splitting wood is super easy. If I can do it, you can, St. Clair.
    I’m not sure where you could get the pieces to split, but I’m sure you can find them.
    Also, scrounging in dumpsters can often turn up burnable wood. My dad gets all sorts of scrap wood out of dumpsters or on Craigslist free, and most of that gets turned into home improvement projects or burned in the fireplace.

  2. Yeah no kidding – I can definitely learn to split wood 🙂
    Finding wood won’t be a problem. There’ll be plenty of scrounging we can do, but I’m also getting some in from suppliers and such, and there is a guy on craigslist I’m talking with about some fresh oak, that we can lay in now and season up for next year.
    The improvements projects is a good idea.
    BTW, had you heard of BRING Recycling? Very cool place here; we went out there last weekend to scrounge for wood for project ideas (and Jodie also raided gardening stuff).

  3. I’ve never heard of it. You should post about it so I can hear more 🙂
    I so miss the west coast recycling ethos. Seattle was even composting food in the yard waste bin by the time I left. There’s nowhere near the same amount of recycling here.

  4. Yeah, I should post about them. They’re also expanding their facilities this year…
    I never even heard of composting until I came out here. Now, Jodie and I are filling up quite the bin of black gold goodness.

  5. Well the price today of Madrone from a guy off Craigslist is $1000 for a log truck dropped of logs delivered. That will make about 10-12 cords and they are currently selling for about $250 a cord. So if you have a decent wood splitter you can bang out 10 cords pretty fast.


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